Our Reviews

Natalie W. – Love the email reminder with all the details on the service. Thank you! Great experience and I will be back!

Ali P. – I can’t thank the staff enough for always answering my questions and helping me find the BEST products for my skin. I am also on the road constantly either rodeoing , going to the vet etc , sometimes I either forget or completely miss the appointment but they always re schedule my appointment without any kind of hassle or remarks !!! Like I said the staff there is truly the best and they make you feel at home πŸ™‚
Thank you again for everything!!!!

Lisa C. – I truly enjoyed my facial today! Kathy was excellent, my face feels wonderful and I am so happy I purchased the monthly facial!

Serena R. – Very happy with Gabriela, she is fantastic. Enjoyed meeting her.

Dianna W. – Everything was GREAT!!

Lori M. – I want to SHOUT OUT A BIG THNK YOU for the amazing procedure Kami did to enhance my lips and make my sagging chin disappear! It’s been almost NEVER since I’ve been able to look in the mirror and smile back at the face that’s looking back at me. The results were immediate and the self esteem shot thru the roof!!! Looking forward to more procedures from your MAGIC WANDS/HANDS so I can keep looking and feeling SASSY as I GRACEFULLY get ‘wiser’ (older just doesn’t sound as good-haha) Wow. I’m so so so so so so happy. SO happy. Thank you so much. THANK YOU THAK YOU THANK YOU

Kimberly S. – You all are always so kind…I just love Kami

Robin, D. – Thanks for giving the warning on any allergies and helpings prepare for any reactions.

Shannon, W. – Everyone there, including Jennifer, Kami and Donna, is friendly and professional. I have total confidence in these individuals and the services provided at Y.O.Y. I enjoyed the session today with the makeup artist, and I am very pleased with my new foundation. Thank you and I wish you all much continued success. Keep up the good work!

Rose, P. – Thanks for great experience c u soon!!!

Amy S. – The girl who answered the phone was FANTASTIC! Very nice, polite, professional,. The RN who did my botox was AWESOME as well. I did not feel like they were looking down on me, not snotty at all. very helpful. Will def be coming back.

Brenda, C. – Always professional and friendly!

Sallie, W. – My first experience at You only Younger was great! …I would highly recommend this MedSpa and Gabriela Smith! Fabulous customer service and a very professional staff!

Nidia, R. – Fantastic service. Gabriela explained different possible procedures in detail and was extremely professional.

Teresa, S. – Very informative and reassuring.

Katie, A. – You all are amazing! Thank you, Kami and Jen, for being so wonderful and kind! I really appreciate you and look forward to seeing you next time!

Reggy, G. – Love the results! Thank you for your personal attention. I’ll be back!

Ginger, L. – Awesome people, quick service and great results!

Stacy, T. – Love the staff!! They are all welcoming, accommodating and there to help!

Alice, M. – Love all of you girls! Thank you!

Brenda, B. – Very, very happy with the result!!

Traci, W. – Kami and Jennifer tried to make it as painless as possible – and did a great job of it. Love the service and people!

Saleem, A. – Very happy and satisfied with results. Great service!

Chase, W. – Before the procedure my sweat was so bad that I didn’t want to put my arm around my wife because I was scared she would feel it. If I was wearing a short sleeve shirt it would be wet all the way to the end of the sleeve and halfway down the side of my body. Since having only one procedure I haven’t experienced any sweat showing through my shirt. When I go to the gym it does get a little bit damp under my arm but it’s still not enough to soak through my shirt. I’m 100% sure that a second procedure would completely stop the sweat all together. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, right up there with laser eye surgery. So happy I did it!

Courtney, P. – I couldn’t be happier with the results from MiraDry! The excessive sweating played a big negative part in my everyday life and I thought for sure that finding a cure for something like this would be hopeless. Even after seeing 2 doctors no one had any answers or solutions for me. My self-esteem crumbled and I couldn’t even wear half of the clothes that I have in my closet. I was forced to wear t-shirts so that my underarms didn’t come into direct contact with the cloth because within 10 minutes of getting out of the shower my shirt would be drenched in that area. I tried so many different deodorants and drying products over the counter and by prescription and nothing worked for me at all. It got so bad that one day I finally had a breakdown and I told myself that I was going to find a cure no matter what. All it took was a little research online and I discovered that since my last exhausting efforts, there was a new procedure available. I read reviews about the procedure itself and about the few places in Houston that offer it. You Only Younger stood out to me because of the quality of their services and the reviews done by men and women who have used them for not just the MiraDry but other excellent services that they offer as well. In the end, I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences that I’ve had anywhere. They are incredibly friendly and made me feel like I was at home. The establishment itself is exceptional and everything was clean and well-organized. Aside from the expected side effects, everything went smoothly and I am almost fully recovered. I would recommend this procedure and this place to anyone without question.Thank you guys so much! It changed my life πŸ™‚

Nancy, P. – Love You only Younger!!

Deanna, M. – You gals are awesome! Have 2 water bottles in my pits!! πŸ™‚ (After miraDry)

Donna J. – The owner (Donna) of this place is awesome!

Diane, B. – Love the makeup!

Eleanor, K. – So happy that my sister introduced me to YOY. I have been using facial & massage services at Persona Day Spa for years. Although it is a very nice spa, it is very large & busy. So no real personal attention as I receive at YOU. Wonderful experince each & everytime I go in for a service.

Lana, K. – Amazing customer service.

Kelli, D. – I love you all….I can’t recommend your services enough to all of my friends, family or anyone who will listen!! I’m your walking/talking billboard…

Glenda D. – I drive 200 miles round trip, not only for good results but because this is a fun place to spend a little time and a lot of money…lol This is always a greatt experience…Thanks

Deena B. – Love You Only Younger! Everyone there is a perfectionist when it comes to giving the best service possible!

Amy, A. – Donna was Awesome, personality was refreshing I felt very comfortable during my visit (miraDry Treatment for Excessive Underarm Sweating). Those ladies took great care of me.

Beverly, T. – Donna want all out to fit me in even though I was very late due my being very lost, trying to find the office. I really did appreciate her help in fitting me in. Thanks, again! Beverly

Sherrie, B. – Found thru groupon . I live out of town and only in town a couple of times a year but will try to schedule appointment every time I am here. Thank you for your services and help.

Ellen W. – I was very hesitant to ever go to a MedSpa because I assumed that a) everyone would be talked into grotesque “Real Housewives” territory and b) everyone would be snobby and snotty and condescending. Could not have been more wrong! Everyone is super nice and friendly and truly supportive and wants you to be happy with your choices. You’re also never pressured into any treatments and the general approach is very conservative and gentle. I trust them completely. Love this place and I’m so very glad a friend dragged me to the open house! I found my heaven at YOY.

Marcie D. – Loving it! I always feel welcome when I walk in and I enjoy every one that works there!! Thank you!!!!

Jackie T. – Donna did an excellent job, results were noticed by several friends & even my husband who bows wants neck tightening treatments. Thanks, Donna!

Mary D. – I love going to YOY. Everyone is wonderful there.

Amy J. – This was my first time in and I love it! Can’t wait to get more done!

Hannah O. – My facial was very soothing. Donna made my eyebrows look nice. I’m so excited it looks like I am wearing mascara after she tinted my lashes. Then Sheila made my arms silky smooth. I LOVE THIS PLACE! (2/18/13)

Rebecca T. – I enjoyed the facial experience and the sample take home products of polishing cleanser and the product to apply afterwards. I am at work and don’t remember the name of the product. I enjoyed them both. Right now I really can’t afford the products. Hopefully, I will be able to in the near future. I work part time for the City of Sugar Land City Hall as a receptionist in the mornings and always try to look nice for the myself and the public. I like the way the products feel on my face and can tell a difference in only a few days. You have really grown since You were in Dr. B’s office.

Michelle B. – You all are wonderful !!!!!!

Rene C. – Great staff and knowledgeable – they know the products and services and work with you… I’m excited to tell my friends about them. Again, from the time I walked in to when I was departing – the staff was friendly and helpful. THANK YOU!

Kathy A. -The staff is professional, courteous and friendly. Donna and Cami are outstanding in the services they perform. They are honest and do not try and oversell unnecessary services or products. The staff makes you feel right at home, and when I leave there I always feel fantastic, and my skin looks great! I would highly recommend You, Only Younger, to family and friends, and I have.

Margaret M. – Appreciate the great service; looking forward to combination treatment of laser/injections for spider veins (understand there may be a promo rate offered soon)

Paula D. – I thoroughly enjoyed my facial. It was just what I was looking for!! Thank you Donna!

Suzie B. – Hi Cami, Thanks so much for taking care of me! Unfortunately, I have some bruising in a few spots, but hopefully, it will go away soon!

Georgia M. – I only have one little bruise and I look great. I am very happy about the bruising, it is the best result so far, so thanks for the 15 mites of icing after the procedure, that really worked on me.

Patti H. – I am extremely happy with my results even though I did badly bruise around the eyes, on the side of my mouth, and below my lip.

Marsha C. – An excellent experience. Love hearing the science behind the techniques, understanding the possiblilities, and the positive outlook of Kami, Donna, and all the staff. Tory is quick to help with scheduling and upbeat. Overall, just a better than usual Med spa experience.

Katharine H. – I had my first treatments at your facility with Cami this week and had a wonderful experience and love the results. I will definitly be coming back.

Deborah H. – Excellent!!!

Cynthia A. – This is my favorite place! You make me feel like a queen, I love this place! Donna’s facials are awesome πŸ™‚

Joyce H. – You are all very friendly and make me feel very comfortable and welcome. You give a very nice personal touch which is very important to me.

Andrea M. – Kami very professional and good what she does besides her interaction with clients is very charming. Great job!

Lois S. – Kami does a wonderful job with botox and injectables!

Donna T. – Staff is great, very friendly and accommodating….and it is in my neighborhood…perfect. Wished sometimes every now and then, botox on weekends….would be a treat for all the events we have out here in Sugar land….

Leila M. – Thank you, I appreciate you accommodating my groupon even though it was expired at the time of my appt. Wonderful customer service.

Shirley M. – I had always done my facials with Donna and was a little hesitant to try someone new. Sheila was wonderful and very knowledgable. As always my experience at You Only Younger was fantastic!

Gretchen L. – i adore all of you thank you for all the service you give me. You make me feel llke family. You alos make me look younger πŸ™‚

Peggie G. – Thank you for giving my face the perfect little “pick-me-up” it needed. Nothing drastic – just not tired looking. Great bang for the buck!

Suzanne B. – Love the results! Cami is awesome! She does a fantastic job & is so sweet!

Marnie K. – My experiences at You Only Younger are always wonderful! Thank you!!

Marcia B. – Everyone was friendly & helpful. My facial. Was wonderful & microderm really seemed to smooth out my skin. Donna gave me some Skin care tips & product recommendations. My visit here was awesome!

Shannon W. – I was so impressed with the service and enjoyed the inviting and tastefully decorated office experience. The pre-appointment questionnaire was more thorough than those that I have completed in dermatologists’ offices, and I think that is a good thing and demonstrates, to me, that “You Only Younger” strives to please and encourage loyalty. The session with the owner, Kammy (hope I spelled that right!) was in depth, easy to comprehend, and informative. She instills confidence and is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her profession. The office assistant was friendly and courteous, as well. This is the first and only time that I have received Botox injections without sustaining one single bump or bruise! That alone is reason enough to return. This was a totally good experience and I would even consider other treatments in the near future. Thank you so much. Keep your fingers crossed that I ace the job interview. ; – )

Alan C. – I have seen no difference from the treatment I received yesterday. I am not peeling yet and the discoloration is as noticeable as before the treatment. Perhaps it is too early to tell? The service portion of the treatment was nice. Donna made me feel very welcome and she sure knows her stuff! Very impressive. Thus far however, not sure if I should see any change?

Alan C. – Thanks for taking care of me. Donna is the BEST!

Marnie K. – Love, love love You Only Younger!!! Products and Services are top quality, and pricing is always competitive, and affordable. You Only Younger is a beautiful, and inviting facility, and the staff are professional, knowledgeable, honest and friendly.

Lisa K. – My facial with Sheila was outstanding. She was professional and my results were better than I expected. I will definitely be back. It’s rare to see the level of customer service that You Only Younger provides.

Melissa J. – Great, great, great!!! Kami is wonderful at making suggestions.

Katie A. – I loved my visit today and am excited to return in the future!

Stephanie A. – My experience was great!!! Kami is awesome and did a great job with very minimal discomfort. I would definitely recommend You Only Younger!!!

Anettee M. – I am very pleased with the Opal that I purchase last week during my visit. I would still like to get back in at Camie’s convenience to “zap” the deep lines in my foehead and under my eyes at her convenience. I do think the Opal is a big help, but in the day light I still see those “pesty” lines that I saw under my eyes and on my forhead before my visit last week. The botox around my eyes is working great!!! Have a wonderful week and thank you always for your kindness, promptness, and professionalism!