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You Only Younger

Greatwood Professional Plaza
7002 Riverbrook Suite 700
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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(281) 937-7537

Emergency Contact Telephone:
(281) 417-8992

At You Only Younger, we strive to help our clients look and feel their very best. Each person who steps through our doors comes with a unique story, a unique reason for coming in, and a unique face. We provide custom treatment options to help you achieve your desired results. You Only Younger is located South of the Southwest Freeway, U.S. I-69 (59) and the intersection of Tollway TX-99, in the center of the Greatwood Professional Plaza at 7002 Riverbrook, Suite 700 in Sugar Land, TX. Use the following directions to easily find us:

From the North West – Head South on Tollway TX-99. Continue until TX-99 meets U.S. I-69 (59) and proceed under the U. S. I-69(59) overpass. Turn left onto the feeder of U.S.I-69 (59) North. Stay in the far right lane and turn right onto Greatwood Parkway. Take the first left onto Riverbrook Drive. Greatwood Professional Plaza is the first driveway on the right.

From the Richmond/Rosenberg off U.S. I-69 (59) – Head North on U.S. I-69 (59). Exit Crabb River Road. Stay on the feeder and head straight. Take a right at Greatwood Parkway and left at Riverbrook Drive. Greatwood Professional Plaza is the first driveway on the right.

From the South East – Take Beltway 8 heading West on to U.S. I-69 (59) South. Follow directions below from Downtown.

From Downtown Houston Area – Head South on U.S. I-69 (59).  Exit TX-99. Stay in the left lane. Turn left at the second light, under U.S. I-69 (59).  Continue to turn left on to the feeder of U.S. I-69 (59). Take a right onto Greatwood Parkway and first left onto Riverbrook Drive. Greatwood Professional Plaza is the first driveway on your right.

Services You Only Younger Offers

For a more fresh, youthful, and rejuvenated look, let us assist you with our wide range of services including:

  • Injectables – Injectables are widely used for a variety of our rejuvenation methods to target wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss and eliminate unwanted fat.
  • PDO Threading – Specifically to address volume loss and saggy skin, PDO Threading is one of several methods to combat aging by stimulating collagen production and lifting tissue to create a more youthful appearance.
  • UltherapyⓇ – Awarded 2019 New BeautyⓇ Best In-Office Non Surgical Skin Tightener, UltherapyⓇ is a perfect pairing with many of our procedures to help “Turn Back Time”.
  • Medical Aesthetics – To combat tone, acne, laxity, volume loss and  various skin concerns, we offer a variety of medical aesthetics procedures and treatments. We offer in office solutions, as well as, corresponding home care regimen to maximize results.
  • Skin Tightening and Lifting – A simple fact of life is as you age, skin laxity increases. Our skin tightening and lifting procedures target  “turkey” neck, droopy eyes, decolletage, abdomen, and other saggy parts of your body, giving you that youthful look you desire.
  • Body Sculpting – Whether you have “love” handles, a double chin, extra belly fat or a bra bulge. With body sculpting, we can assist you with achieving the look you desire.
  • Massage – Although massage is often viewed to only relieve stress, there are so many other therapeutic benefits. Learn and experience some of the life changing benefits of receiving monthly Therapeutic Massages.
  • Excessive Sweat Treatment – Although it’s a natural process that everyone experiences, sweating can sometimes become excessive, or odorous, and bothersome. Our excessive sweat treatments target the underarms, feet, hands, décolletage, and back.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today

At You Only Younger, our goal is for everyone to look and feel their best, which is why we offer consultations at no charge. We want you to learn about the procedures first hand and see actual results. We want you to trust that we have your best interests in mind. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Find out what new non-invasive treatments can assist you as you age gracefully.