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Integrative Medicine Center
Sugar Land, TX

Personalized, Transformative, & Results-Driven

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Integrative Medicine Center

People face a wide range of mental and physical health concerns that conventional medicine can’t solve. Issues like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, loss of energy, and other such conditions can wreak havoc on your life, and it often feels like conventional medicine only adds to your stress. In most cases, conventional treatments and medications alleviate some of your immediate symptoms while causing numerous other side effects necessitating treatments.

You Only Younger understands the frustration associated with trying to find answers to your health concerns. Conventional medicine falls short because it has a myopic view of your health, looking at you as a collection of symptoms rather than a full human being. We use a wide range of holistic, integrative, and functional treatments to foster natural healing and address the root cause of your physical and emotional concerns.

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Functional Nutrition

Healing Your Body Faster

Functional nutrition refers to personalized nutrition plans that help you maintain optimal health at all times. Our nutrition plans promote optimal gut health, hormone balance, and cardiometabolic health, thus ensuring you achieve and maintain perfect health. Our health doctors review your symptoms, health history, medications, and lifestyle, to curate the ideal dietary plans and foster positive nutritional habits.

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Creating A Wholesome Approach With

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a form of medical therapy that addresses the root cause of your mental and physical health problems. Instead of simply treating the external symptoms, integrative medicine investigates, identifies, and addresses the root cause. This approach liberates you from your current symptoms while fostering overall wellness, which, in turn, prevents future diseases and concerns.

About You Only Younger

Lead by Kami Owen


You Only Younger is a wellness center that believes in the power of natural, regenerative medicine. Our natural health professionals listen to your concerns, dig deep within your health history and symptoms, and trace the root cause of your problems. We shirk away from “band-aid” treatments that simply mask your symptoms without addressing the root cause. Instead, we use time-tested wellness solutions to support your entire body. Our goal is to treat you, with minimal to no long-term medication.

Our health professionals curate personalized treatment plans that address the root cause of your anxiety, depression, allergies, and other health concerns. We follow you on a lifelong path to achieve and maintain optimal wellness with as little medication as possible. If you’re tired of visiting conventional doctors who don’t seem to listen to your concerns or can’t offer solutions, it’s time to try a different approach — please contact us to explore your wellness treatments.

Try Our Enhanced Health

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a unique treatment wherein a personalized concoction of micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals, is delivered straight into the bloodstream. Delivering vitamins into the bloodstream facilitates 100% absorption, making it the ideal technique to restore perfect balance. It strengthens your immune system, detoxifies the body, and promotes general wellness.

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RASHA Treatments

Improving The Mind-Body Health System

RASHA is a cutting-edge scalar plasma sound system with 12 resonant frequencies that restore optimal balance to your autonomic nervous system (ANS). This non-invasive technique facilitates optimal healing, encouraging your mind and body to enter a state of harmony. It increases your energy levels, reduces physical pain, clears grief and anxiety, improves mental clarity, and much more.

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Science, Education & Accountability

Medical Weight Loss

At You Only Younger, our approach combines Science, Education and accountability to help you win. Our team of medical professionals understand the elements of what goes into a successful medical weight loss program and are on your side.

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Some of Our 5 Star


Lisa Kappmeyer

Using different IV drips, the Rahsa chair, Lifewave nutritional supplements, dramatically reinvented my life for the healthier. My vitality, wellness, and health have never been stronger...

Andrea Simpson

I have had serveral appointments and services at You Only Younger and they have all been a great experience! Kami, Christine and Ken H. are professional...

Cathy Crowl

I went in yesterday for a Fire & Ice Facial. It was simply amazing and the look and feel of my skin within minutes is truly exceptional. My skin is so soft...

Nadeen B.

This is the most professional, cutting edge med spa I have ever seen. Kami is a queen. Run, don't walk to this place...

Brittney B.

5/5 Recomend. Kami is amazing and thoroughly explains everything in an understandable manner and always provides 5 star service. Love this place!

Tayelor B.

I recently came in for a facial with Kathy, and had no idea what to expect being at a new facility. I have been to a ton of different med spas, & Kathy surprised me...

Kristy Schellberg

If you have not had a massage from Ken H. at You Only Younger, you are truly missing out! He is simply the best! Professional and thorough....

Traci Williams

Kami is so skilled at this art and gives real advice on what she thinks you need and the timing of getting it done. And, she's cautious, not risky...

Crystal Garrett

I am so happy with my eyebrows by Sherah. I would not go anywhere else and let anyone touch my face. Wax, injections, permanent makeup, etc...

Katlyn Romero

Loved it! Kami was such a great help explaining the procedure, and what to expect after. Before she did anything she would explain what....

Jenna Devers

The entire team is great from the receptionist to the owners! They don't try to sell you something, they listen to you and give you options...

Carli Elizabeth

I went to you only younger for a massage and would highly recommend it. I had Ken for my massage therapist. He was amazing! Very attentive...

Sherah Juarez

If you are looking for somewhere that is professional, knowledgeable, personable. You have found them. All of the ladies at You Only Yonger...

Debbie Rutherford

This is a wonderful spa! The staff are knowledgeable and friendly but not pushy. My skin looks remarkably better since I've began...